Karolina Webb

Karolina Webb is a frelance portrait and events photographer based in London.




My interest in photography began 12 years go when I first came to London, I soon found that photographing people was what I wanted to do. After developing my skills in a series of intense courses, patience and practice paid off in 2004 when my work was published in the Evening Standard.

This first success provided an opening for me to take and submit more shots to stock photography agencies until I won the first of many commissions from Harper Collins Publishers to photograph their authors for their press literature and dust-jackets.


The birth of my daughter heralded a new direction in my portraiture career as I resolved to document in pictures every day of her life. The results generated an overwhelming response from first family and friends, later from independent clients, all asking me to photograph their children. I had found my metier.


This is not to say that I do not have wider interests. Having lived in China and travelled extensively throughout Asia I  had plenty of opportunities to photograph people of all kinds and in all kinds of settings.  I also relish the challenge of capturing the excitement and energy of live music events, in particular bands in mid-performance. 





“It doesn’t matter whom I am photographing or where I am photographing them, what really excites me is chasing that perfect image: the right exposure to catch the right moment in the right light…” 


Karolina Webb